Utilizing Thermography Methods, Enhance the Impact of Your Next Project

Do you want your advertisements to jump off the page and grab the attention of potential clients right away? Have you ever considered incorporating a one-of-a-kind impact into your projects? Fortunately, there is an excellent option: thermography printing!

TEAM Concept Printing provides services other than thermography printing. We can also provide a variety of services because we have a variety of printing tools on hand. We can create anything you or your organization needs to meet your exact demands.

Continue reading if you’re interested in thermographic printing but want to learn more about it. We’ll go over all you need to know about this one-of-a-kind technique. In no time, you’ll be ready to use it for your next printing endeavor.

The Thermographic Printing Process

To get this specialty printing technology’s raised and textured appearance, ink and powdered resin are mixed and baked. To begin, the picture is created using offset printing and slow-drying ink. The resin is sprayed on the wet printed sheets as they move through the tunnel. It is used on inked regions before removing excess ink from printing sheets. The resin is then melted to form a three-dimensional vitreous impression.

Because the particles used in this printing procedure are transparent, the color of the ink is unaffected. A variety of powders, including those with varying degrees of shine, mattress, and coarseness, can be used for thermography. To choose the appropriate powder to use, consult a printing professional.

When Is Thermographic Printing Necessary?

Although thermography printing is helpful for a variety of applications, it is most typically seen on business cards and other stationery. Cards, wedding invitations, report covers, and other forms of corporate promotion are all quite popular. The fact that thermography printing is cheaper than engraving while providing amazing results has undoubtedly contributed to its fast popularity.

The Advantages of Thermal Printing

The glossy, professional appearance of this printing technology for promoting items is one of its key advantages. Furthermore, engraving or embossing is a significantly less expensive option for those needing such services. Customers like thermography printing’s ability to give printed products a raised appearance. Furthermore, thermography printing produces more bright colors, which is advantageous for business owners looking to build a print project that will pique the interest of clients.

What Options and Enhancements Are Available?

One approach for making promotional things stand out from the crowd is thermography printing. Some examples of these services are shown below.

High-Pressure Metallic Foil Stamping

The object to be stamped is placed beneath a mounted and heated die on a hot stamping machine. Metalized or painted roll-leaf carriers are put between the die and the press. Once the paint or foil dries, it creates an impression on the surface of the item. Because dye-stamping uses dry materials, it produces less pollution. Using pressure and heat, the appropriate foil pieces are removed from the carrier material and bonded to the printing surface.

In addition to dies and foil, hot stamping typically makes use of foil stamping equipment. Dies can be made of metal or silicone rubber, and they can be instantaneously molded or cast. They can adjust for surface defects while staying detailed enough to transfer there.

To give extra protection, multi-layer coatings known as foils can be put on the outside of a product. There are three layers to a nonmetal foil: an adhesive foundation, a color layer, and a release layer. If you want colorful or metallic foil, use aluminum or chromium instead. Gold, silver, bronze, and copper metal tones may be observed in the beautiful shine of metallic foil.

Pigment foil does not have a metallic shine and can be either dazzling or matte. A three-dimensional image produced on holographic foil paper highlights specific sections of a digitally printed application. Leather and paper are both popular printing substrates.

Metallic foil hot stamping is most commonly used on greeting cards, announcements, and invitations. Its designs can be as simple or as complicated as the materials it is applied to.

Services for Die Cutting

A “die” is a phrase used in the printing industry to denote a suitable metal instrument, similar to a cookie cutter, that is used to cut the paper correctly. It neatly and accurately cuts the substrate. This type of curved cutter may be used to cut out strange shapes for promotional products or to produce eye-catching artwork within the cutout itself.

Die-cuts may be designed to be both visually pleasing and functional. Die-cuts may be visually appealing as well as practical, such as in an envelope with a cutout design that allows the buyer to hold and slide the contents out. Interacting with die-cut half-moon shapes on the exterior of a promotional item envelope is difficult.

Cutting dies may be used to make a wide variety of goods and promotional products. This might be everything from custom-printed brochures to wedding invitations to advertising your business. Whatever you want to use it for, the uniqueness of your item will be recognized!

It is critical to know that die-cutting is not the only option. They can work with thicker paper, cardboard, vinyl, and adhesives but not with thin paper. Expensive designs are also only acceptable for special events. Given that the term “complicated” is subjective, we would welcome your feedback in order to serve you better.

There are three key benefits of using this design tool:

  • They are distinguished by their uniqueness and originality, as well as their sense of superiority and success.
  • They give a tactile element to marketing text, which aids in retaining the reader’s attention. Like the layering effect, this encourages buyers to study things further by touching and inspecting them.
  • They have the power to radically alter the environment by creating a feeling of mystery. A similar effect might be accomplished by combining a cutaway that reveals a portion of what’s inside with a unique form for the object itself.


TEAM Concept Printing provides much more than the possibilities shown above. Any of these methods may be utilized to create marketing materials that stand out in a sea of letter-size envelopes. Please visit our website to learn more about the services we provide. You will also be able to examine every product we can print and label for you there.

You and our experts may collaborate to analyze your condition and develop a strategy for increasing your company’s exposure and attracting new clients. After using our services, you will never need to look for another printing company!