Clarity Voice Offers High End Business Phones

Customer service is always a key focus, regardless of industry. Businesses could only grow if they were already there. One of the easiest methods to keep customers is to keep lines of communication open. If customers can’t get in touch with you, they won’t be as likely to come back.

To lessen the effect on specialized sectors, Clarity Voice created a VoIP solution for small and medium-sized businesses. You may value these things.


The automotive sector of the economy is one of the most dynamic and undergoing fast change. Your technician is probably overworked if your automobile has an issue. Even if development happens quickly, it could make it harder to arrange customer visits and carry out critical maintenance.

To make sure that all crucial information is retrieved during calls to your dealership, we provide call recording facilities on our DealerPhones. You might save time by utilizing our appointment reminder support, which is part of our services, rather than checking your calendar.

Excellent DealerPhone add-on choices include noise reduction and high-definition voice. The moment has arrived for us to speak to one another openly and honestly. Some car body shops could have quite loud environments. With these changes, there will be less chance that background noise may annoy you or your client.

Phones for Pharmacies and Doctors

While both the automobile and healthcare sectors are booming, the causes are fundamentally different. If you are a nurse or doctor who works in a hospital, you can suddenly change locations, confusing a fellow employee who is seeking you. You may text and phone your coworkers at any time from anywhere in the globe, thanks to DocPhones’ VoIP technology.

DocPhones’ security is similarly amazing. The infrastructure that underpins these phones is very simple to hack, and the Hippocratic oath compels physicians to protect the identity of their patients.

Medical professionals may also find our PharmacyPhones handy. For certain client situations, such as medication inquiries or refill requests, you may set up a number of routers so that the proper person can respond right away without having to play phone tag.


PizzaPhones, one of our most well-liked alternatives, was developed by former pizza operators to help other businesses handle calls from ravenous customers. After hearing a busy signal, callers are often discouraged from making another attempt. PizzaPhones has several lines as a consequence. Clients may learn about the most recent menu additions and promotions as they wait for you to answer the phone.

We have previously installed this technology in hundreds of independent and franchised pizza establishments due to its reliability. Among our renowned clients are Pizza Hut and Pizza King. Once your local company sees how far they’ve gone, it will follow suit.

Unbeatable Services Are Offered By Clarity Voice

We provide franchise phones in addition to the aforementioned phone services, which might put any business well ahead of its rivals in any given industry. For more than ten years, Clarity Voice has been committed to offering a top-notch phone system for businesses of all sizes and industries.

Some of our VoIP competitors can’t give the same degree of individualized service that we can. You may rely on our services to provide exactly what you need at the right time. There are many more available if you want help with the aforementioned phone numbers. Put a stop to busy signals and missed calls. You may get help from Clarity Voice to replace the outdated communication systems in your business.