Role of Mono Production Printers in Book Printing

If you are involved in a printing business that requires a huge number of books to be printed, you would most likely be familiar with the humongous role of Mono-production printers. As simple as it can be put, mono-production printer printers solely print in monochrome i.e black and white. Consequently, mono printers and such multifunction devices are a bit more economical than their counterparts. The Book printing industry at large can substantially benefit from the use of mono-production printers as it offers a fairly inexpensive way to print non-color books, journals, and brand documents. A highly functional mono-production printer lets the establishment create paperback, textbooks, and reference books in high-quality black and white print.

Print-on-demand has opened new avenues for small enterprises and businesses to customize their copies and maximize their business. On-demand book printing also allows the writer to edit in case of any mistakes/changes. This has led to the wide utilization of mono-production printers in the book printing industry. Here is a few Canon production printer that you must know:

imageRUNNER ADVANCE DX 8786- Designed mindfully for bulk printing requirements of publishing firms, the imageRUNNER ADVANCE DX 8786 from Canon caters to the ever-evolving needs of the printing industry. This monochrome light production printer produces consistently high-quality prints as it is equipped with smart “Twin Sleeves” technology. Advanced technologies like the new “pO” Toner and A-Si Drum produce incredible black-and-white detail images with precise diagrams and images. It features Professional Hole Puncher, Document Insertion Unit, Paper Folding, and Booklet Making capabilities.

imageRUNNER ADVANCE DX 8795– This monochrome light production printer has been intuitively designed to meet the dynamic nature of work in the book printing industry.  It is equipped with intuitive features such as scalable support for mobile and a smart user interface that eases the workflow.  The advanced personalization allows you to create a customized user experience, tailored to suit every minute requirement of your business. The single-pass duplex document feeder holds up to 200 originals that also lets you scan and convert documents to Searchable PDF form. Complex technologies such as the Twin Sleeves” technology, the “pO” Toner, and E-Drum further boosts printing quality and results in consistently high-quality prints.

imageRUNNER ADVANCE DX 8705- This high-performance monochrome printer brings you one step closer to producing class-apart printed documents with outstanding performance. It is specially tailored for meeting the requirements of the book printing industry and publisher firms that need to produce black-and-white copies of textbooks, reference books, paperbacks etc.  Equipped with intelligent systems, such as the intuitive user interface with a responsive color touchscreen, scalable support for mobile, and advanced personalization, it is ideal for producing consistently high-quality printed materials in book printing and publishing firms. A plethora of features such as the Professional Hole Puncher, Document Insertion Unit, Paper Folding, and Booklet Making Capabilities enables you to create professional-looking report cards, booklets, newsletters, manuals, and much more.