As healthcare providers face increasing demands, optimizing office workflows has become more crucial than ever. One way to enhance efficiency and streamline processes is through the implementation of artificial intelligence (AI) technologies. In this article, we will discuss four ways healthcare AI is revolutionizing office workflow management. Automating Routine TasksContinue Reading

You might have probably heard about kics. It is the abbreviated form of Keeping Infrastructure as Code Secure. Noted to be an open-source solution, it is used for static code analysis of Infrastructure as Code.  KICS finds its security vulnerabilities, infrastructure misconfigurations, and compliance issues in some of the chosen infrastructuresContinue Reading

Have you ever experienced clicking on that forget password option because you can’t seem to remember what password you have used for a specific account? If that’s the case, then this will be a good read for you. For the longest time, passwords have been the most commonly used authenticationContinue Reading