Remote Workforce Demands Biometric Identity Assurance

One of the changes the COVID-19 pandemic has brought is the rapid shift to remote work setup, which has allowed businesses to continue to operate while still complying with quarantine protocols. With the change in the work environment, there are concerns about the health of various industries and the need for skilled workers. This is one of the reasons why the remote workforce is perceived to fill in these gaps over the next few years.

Potential security risks can threaten business operations amid the shift to a remote work model, particularly if their digital defenses are inadequate. Companies must take precautions to avoid data breaches and security risks. One precaution that can help ensure data security is adopting a passwordless system with the help of mobile biometric verification solutions.   

Many biometric authentication solutions include additional security controls such as active liveness detection and anti-spoofing that can help prevent data breaches. In addition, passwordless systems, such as a multifactor authentication solution or MFA, offer better protectionthanknowledge-based credentials like passwords.

Advanced defenses such as device-based credentials can also make it easy for users to work remotely. Companies can use mobile biometrics to address security concerns and boost employee productivity, even in the face of a pandemic. Severalmobile biometric authentication options can detect suspicious activity and verify it through the device used to log in. 

Effective identity verification solutions are also useful in protecting important business data such as corporate transactions that are high-value and high-risk. Multifactor authentication can help when it comes to the identity assurance of employees as they work from home. 

Numerouscompanies still use remote work arrangements because of the pandemic. Therefore, it is important to ensure that employees have a seamless and convenient user experience as they work from home, and firms mustaddress potential risks in the digital space. For more details about biometric identity assurance for the remote workforce, here is an infographic from authID.

Remote Workforce Demands Biometric Identity Assurance