Do You Know Which Factors Will Decide Your Printing Cost Per Page?

It might be costly to replace printer cartridges. Every printer uses a certain cartridge series at any specific price point, resulting in a wide range of printing prices. To figure out how much it will cost to print a single page by using a specific printer cartridge, look up the cost/page for your printer.

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How to calculate the cost/print 

  1. Find your printer model and manufacturer 

The calculation for cost-per-print may differ based on your printer and manufacturer. Therefore, figure out this information before you start calculating. These details can easily be found on your printer, in the handbook, or on the control panel of your computer.

  1. Find your yield-per-cartridge

The majority of manufacturers publish their figures about page yield on their websites and, in certain cases, on the toner cartridge packaging side. For B&W and color printing, different page yield statistics are offered, and most manufacturers use a combination of these tests for determining these figures:

Manufacturers compute B&W page yields by printing a text document utilizing toner to cover around 5% of your page until your toner cartridge becomes empty.

They print a document with text and graphics, by using toner that will cover around 20% of the page till each cartridge is empty to compute color page yields.

  1. Find the price of each toner cartridge

To calculate your exact cost/print, you must know how much the cartridges cost. This information may require help from accounting or buying.

If you cannot find this information, utilize average retail pricing for toner cartridges that you use instead. These data can be found on the websites of print manufacturers or office supply stores.

Only the price of your black toner cartridge is required to calculate B&W cost-per-print. You will need the total cost of the entire cartridges for color: Yellow, cyan, magenta, and black.

  1. Calculate cost-per-print

You may determine your cost-per-print once you have collected all this information for B&W, divide your toner cartridge cost by your page yield.

Example of black-and-white 

Toner cost cartridge/page yield = Cost/print.

Using the previously computed B&W cost as your starting point for determining color cost-per-print is a simple way. 

Furthermore, assuming that all color cartridges have got the same price and page yields, then you can multiply the cost-per-print of your single color cartridge by three. Finally, consider the cost-per-print in black and white.

A few more factors that may influence printing costs can be as follows:

  • Equipment: Your cost of acquisition can be the purchase cost, lease/cost-per-page agreement.
  • Supplies: Your ongoing expense will include toner, paper, developer, staples, other print media, etc.
  • Service/maintenance: Your monthly service agreements/one-time maintenance charges are paid.
  • Lifecycle of equipment: The depreciation and the availability of any new and better technology.
  • Burden rates: The amount of time spent by your employees to order supplies, fix equipment, schedule maintenance, etc.

It is impossible to say the number of pages you may print from a single cartridge because you don’t constantly print exactly the same things. Also, the age or efficiency of your printer might also affect the outcome!