ThriveDX Highlights The Importance Of Cybersecurity Training

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Cybersecurity training has become more critical than ever: the world needs more cyber professionals. Cybercrimes cost the world an estimated $6 trillion annually. Cyber-attacks have devastated corporations like Disney, T-Mobile, Facebook, Equifax, and more. 

According to an IBM study, a single data breach can cost a company up to $3.2 million. That is why businesses pay more for cybersecurity professionals to protect their valuable and sensitive data. 

With the demand for cyber professionals rising while the supply is lagging far behind, cybersecurity training has become essential, not to mention it is the fastest-growing technology market. 

It has grown tremendously over the last decade, and cybersecurity skills are in high demand. That is why ThriveDX has developed a cybersecurity training course to help individuals level up their training and close the skills gap in the industry. 

As more businesses take their services online, the threat of cyber-attacks has increased. This is good news for cyber professionals as it means more jobs and better perks.

The cybersecurity industry is projected to grow by 31% from 2021 to 2029. By 2023, the American cyber industry will be worth an estimated $250 billion. 

Importance of Professional Cybersecurity Training

1. Builds a Solid Foundation in Cybersecurity

Professional cybersecurity training will give you a solid foundation in the principles of cybersecurity. You will obtain the fundamental skills required in information technology security.

A cybersecurity training program, like the one offered by ThriveDX, will prepare you to identify, resolve, and prevent cybersecurity incidents and data breaches. It will focus on hands-on learning over theory. You will obtain practical skills that are highly demanded in the marketplace. 

You will get an understanding of cybersecurity across different platforms. You will obtain specific technical skills related to networking, operating systems, digital forensic investigation, and programming.

2. Prepares You for the Real World

With the proper training, you will obtain the technical and soft skills needed in the real world. You will be equipped with the theoretical knowledge and much-needed skills required to work in a dynamic field. 

Professional cybersecurity training will prepare you for the real world of business. You will develop enterprise skills as well as soft skills. The ThriveDX program will equip you with relevant and in-demand skills. 

A good program will expose you to the current cybersecurity trends and issues. That will increase your marketability in the industry. Cybersecurity is dynamic; therefore, professionals must stay constantly updated. 

With certified cybersecurity training, you will be exposed to the latest security technologies and tools. Therefore, you will not have challenges in the real world.

3. Helps In Closing the Skills Gap in Cybersecurity

The cybersecurity skills shortage is putting companies at risk and shows no sign of abating. Enterprises are facing a considerable cybersecurity talent shortage. Many high-paying cybersecurity positions need to be filled.

According to research from Information Systems Security Association (ISSA), 95% of cybersecurity professionals believe that the skills gap has remained the same over the last few years. In comparison, 44% believe it has worsened. 

Around 1.1 million people are employed in the American cybersecurity industry, but over 700,000 unfilled positions. Globally, there is a shortage of 3.5 million cybersecurity professionals.

To help close the skills gap, more people must undertake cybersecurity training from boot camp courses offered by professionals at ThriveDX and other companies. This will make it possible to prevent many cyber incidents, saving the economy billions of dollars. 

Cybersecurity is an issue of national security importance; that is why governments prioritize cybersecurity training. Closing the skills gap will ensure that the nation has enough cyber warriors to defend vital infrastructure.

4. Gives You a Competitive Edge

With cybersecurity training, you will have a competitive edge in the job market. Most of your peers might have yet to undertake this training. Therefore, if you level up your skills through a ThriveDX training program or one similar, you will stand out from the crowd and be easily noticeable by hiring managers. 

Professional Cybersecurity Training Will Expand Your Skills

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To pursue a career in cybersecurity, you need to have a broad set of technical, functional, professional, and soft skills. You should possess specific cybersecurity skills that employers are searching for. Cybersecurity training will equip you with the following skills.

Technical Aptitude

You will obtain skills to help you troubleshoot, update, and maintain information security systems. You can undertake continuous network monitoring and implement real-time security solutions.

Operating System Skills

With operating system skills, you will be comfortable working on different operating systems, cloud networks, mobile devices, and computer systems. 

Network Skills

Most cybersecurity attacks happen across a network of connected devices. You need network skills to secure an organization from attacks effectively.

Computer Forensics Skills

A foundation in computer forensics will make your cybersecurity career easier. A good program will equip you with a solid understanding of computer forensics.

Problem Solving Skills

By undertaking cybersecurity training, you will develop problem-solving skills. You need to find creative ways to address complex cybersecurity challenges. 

Cybersecurity Training Will Improve Your Job Prospects

Do you want to improve your job prospects? Professional cybersecurity training might be what you need. You will be well-positioned to land a well-paying cybersecurity job with attractive benefits.

Cybersecurity jobs are both high-paying and future-proof. The average cybersecurity salary in the U.S. is $84,97. The best-paying cybersecurity jobs are cybersecurity engineer, information security manager, cyber security analyst, and application security engineer. 

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), information security analyst jobs will grow by about 30% between 2019 and 2029. The average salary ranges from $150,000 to $225,000. 

Cybersecurity skills are in high demand; therefore, finding a job is easy. There are countless entry-level jobs with competitive compensation.

ThriveDX Empowers Learners with the Most In-Demand Cybersecurity Skills

ThriveDX offers a flexible option for anyone looking to break into cybersecurity. Their professional cybersecurity training program is held in high regard by hiring managers. 

With ThriveDX, learners obtain the best practical cybersecurity skills to help them thrive in the tech job market. They gain technical skills in preventing and resolving cyber security incidents. Learners gain real-world experience by working with the latest security tools and technologies. 

ThriveDX equips learners with technical, enterprise, and soft skills. This leads to an all-around professional ready to confront real-world cybersecurity challenges.