3 Top Examples of Disruptive Technology

Disruptive technology is the technology that influences the normal functioning of a market or a market. That displaces a well-researched product or technology, creating a new industry or market. New technology can either be keeping or disruptive. Even though sustaining technology is determined by the incremental advancements in the already existing technology, troublesome technology is an entirely new one. Consequently, the practical use of such types of technology might not exactly have been proven yet.

Also, troublesome technologies often catch the attention of a tiny audience and general performance problems. They do not occur frequently; however, they are really more well suited for long-term use. Although they might not exactly be able to fulfill the demands of the high-end market originally, nonetheless they exceed market expectations when it appears to be profitable. Disruptive solutions are often originated from startups and young companies as compared with the leading companies.

Allow me to share 3 top Disruptive technologies:


Blockchain was developed through Bitcoin for disrupting the bank sector, where ledgers are really centralized. Blockchain utilizes the technology of distributed journals and through it is decentralized and cryptographic components, blockchain cleans away the advantages of 3 rd parties interested in financial transactions. Typically the decentralization, security, and transparency features of blockchain are supposed to improve the security of financial orders while reducing the hefty bank charges. The transactions become faster and free from the hazards of only one point of authority.

Blockchain is enabling a shift to a shared economy from the prevailing property economy. In a shared economy, people should be able to share resources, such as data storage, solar energy, and cars.

Internet of Things (IoT):

“The Internet is so big, so powerful and pointless that for some people it is a complete substitute for life,”said Andrew Brown.

With its extensive network of devices attached to the internet, the Internet of Things (IoT) helps to reduce the gap between digital and physical spheres. IoT learns new things on its own and can create a relationship with one thing to another, or one person to another.

Although the probability of hooking up other devices to the internet is not new, a greater number of everything is now being attached to the internet than ever before. The best thing it can do is offer an easy transition to smart cities. IoT will make cities cost-effective, safe places to live, and even more efficient.

Artificial Intelligence (AI):

Artificial intelligence (AI) is employed in various applications, such as fraud safeguard, online games, and junk detection in messages. AI helps to streamline company businesses and improve the lives of individuals.

Devices such as chatbots for web support, virtual assistants like Google Home or Apple Siri, and tracking the projected time of birth of online food orders helps answer questions, take needs, and make lives easier and more efficient.

Artificial intellect discovers an individual’s preferences by accumulating data from products purchased, search reputations, and overheard interactions.

Duckpond Tech, headquartered in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, was founded in 2019 by Dartanyon A. Williams, is one such company that offers cyber security against fraud, spam, or hackers. Duckpond Technologies Dartanyon Williams develops disruptive technologies designed to change how Americans protect themselves from the growing number of crimes violating consumer protections.