Top 5 Features That Make Online Stock Trading App Successful 

With the advent of technology, the number of investors has increased. Mobile apps have made it much easier for an average joe to become an investor. Online Stock trading apps come with various features and benefits compared to trading from a portal with the help of a personal computer. They enable you to trade from anywhere, making it convenient for investors. 

Here are the five features an online stock trading app must have:

1. Security

Anonline stock trading app must be safe. It should either have a biometric login like a fingerprint, Face ID, or a password-protected feature. It ensures all your investments and credentials are unassailable. It prevents anyone from tampering with your Demat account, like buying or selling shares without your knowledge.

2. User-friendly

Any stock trading app must have a user-friendly interface. It is an essential feature that is like a compulsion to have. It also helps to understand and use various features provided in the app. Through a user-friendly trading platform, traders and investors can make the right trades/investments and gain maximum returns without any difficulty.

3. Informative

A stock trading app needs to provide complete information about the current scenario of the Stock market. Apart from providing live information about the Stock market and the various stocks listed on it, the app must also provide charts that show their performance.  It should also provide financial reports and other information like the latest news and company announcements. It helps investors and traders be up to date about everything, enabling them to make favorable decisions.

4. Notification

It surely helps if an online stock trading app has a notification feature. So that it can alert you if the desired stock has reached a specific price point. It lets you enter or exit a trade based on your risk appetite.  You can get notifications about companies, stocks, or any happenings in the Stock market. You can also get notifications for any action taken by a company like dividends, stock splits, etc. 

5. Easy Fund transfer

A stock trading app should let you transfer funds into your Demat account from your  Bank account with ease. It should also let you do the reverse without any difficulties. This feature helps customers invest quickly and withdraw their money fast if they ever need money.


Apart from the above features, an online stock trading app can have additional features like helping you invest in Mutual funds, letting you invest in multiple stocks with a basket order, etc. You will find all the above features and many more in Kotak Stock Trading App by Kotak Securities. Kotak Securities is among the leading full-service stockbrokers in India that have been delivering financial solutions to investors and traders for more than two decades now. You can utilize all these features by downloading their app from the Google Play store and opening a Demat account for free with them.