Plank Face 2016 thought after watching the film

Plank Face is an American horror film directed by harvest Lake; found in 2016, adapted from the script co authored with Brian Williams. A man was captured by a wild family deep in the forest. Whether he likes it or not, they are determined to transform him physically and mentally into their own person. If you are interested, you can watch Plank Face 2016 online free.


Alyss Winkler , Ellie Church , Dave Parker , Nathan Barrett , Susan M Martin , Brigid Macaulay , Jason Hignite

Introduction to Plank Face’s Plot

When a couple likes to walk in the jungle, play jigsaw puzzles, and catch a man for their family, how can they escape? A man is subjected to domestic violence. They are determined to make their bodies and souls one of them. Whether he likes it or not….. If you want to watch the full video for free, you can visit 4khotvideo.

Plank Face 2016 Film Review

Plank Face is one of the best independent films I have ever seen. From beginning to end, it attracted my attention. The film feels great and sets the tone for the rest of the film. I like this story. It develops well. Acting is great. Susan Martin is very good. This movie is good, but some people may not be able to deal with bloody things and some sexual scenes. I think they are very suitable for this story. Well done, scottsgomer and all the people who made this movie.

After the first 15 minutes or so, the characters didn’t have much dialogue, so they were forced to express their emotions completely through body language. Considering that two of the characters wore masks for more than half of the screen time, thus eliminating the possibility of facial expressions, this is a quite unworthy feat. The music score mentioned above is unforgettable.