Email verification is a key element that will boost your email marketing efforts significantly. You’ll find out why email verification is important and how it works from the following sub-topics.

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What is Email Verification?

Email verification is a step that is used to check whether an Email address is real or fake. This step provides checking the format, verifying the mail server, and boosting the deliverability rate by avoiding bounce-backs. It ensures that the email accounts belong to the verified person. 

The Email Verification Process Explained

There are various types of email verifiers available in the market, but real-time email verification is considered one of the best verifiers. To verify an email, there are the following steps followed. These are preventing the email from being termed as spam, improving the sender’s reputation, conducting multiple checks, facilitating API requests, enabling API integration, and analyzing data input.

Why is Email Verification Important?

As a professional in the field of email marketing, you must adapt to email verification. There are the following reasons, which include: Building trust with email providers, Ensuring that the emails are reaching the right user, enabling the email to reach the destination without bouncing back, and keeping their subscribers engaged. It is an important investment that will give you higher returns. 

How Long Does Email Verification Take

The duration any email verification takes to provide its service is wholly dependent upon the volume as well as the email verifier you are opting for. The bouncer is one the powerhouse for authenticating 200,000 emails per hour and has a rapid delivery speed without compromising accuracy. For small lists of emails, the bouncer will validate the email at lightning speed. Whereas, for large lists of emails, Bouncer will authenticate your emails within a significantly short period.

Boost your Email Marketing with Bouncer

The bouncer facilitates the accuracy of the emails, which will adversely increase the deliverability rates. The bouncing back of your email will be almost zero percent and it will ensure that the emails are reaching the targeted users. 

How to Verify Emails in 11 Quick Steps

Step 1 Signing up on the bouncer’s page.

Step 2 Creating an account.

Step 3 Accessing email verification tool.

Step 4 Uploading your email list.

Step 5 Bouncer will start providing its service.

Step 6 Analyzing verification results.

Step:7 Use of additional attributes.

Step 8 Ensuring data safety.

Step 9 Merge with marketing tools for perfect email campaigns.

Step 10 Enjoy the outcome by improved accuracy and higher email validations.

Step 11 Test the bouncer’s email address with free credits.

After following all these steps, you can rest assured and say goodbye to poor deliverability rates, invalid emails, and spam traps. 


In the present period of digital communication, it is necessary to use email verification to achieve success in email marketing. It plays a vital role in making strategies.